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German Commands and Terminology


English German Pronounced
Heel Fuss Foos
Sit Sitz Zeetz
Down Platz Plahts
Come Hier Here
Stand Stey Sctay
Stay Bleib Blighb
Over Hopp Hup
Go Out Voraus Forous
Go On Voran Foron
Search Revier Reefear
Bark Giblaut Gibloud
Out or Give Aus Owss
Track or Find Such Sue k


AD=Ausdauerprufung. Endurance test of either 12.5 miles or 20km. Obedience test following. Minimum age 16 months.

BH=Begleithundprufung. Traffic test. Obedience and temperment test. Requirement to compete in other Schutzhund competitions.

SCH=Schutzhund. The combination of tracking , obedience and protection. All three phases must have a passing score to achieve titles. Three levels. SCHI minimum age 14 months. SCH2 minimum age 16 months, SCH3 minimum age 18 months.

FH=Fahrtenhund. Advanced tracking degree.

WH=Wachund. Watchdog title. Guard test where dog protects areas and articles.

IPO=International Prufungsordung. Police organization. Titles are similar to Schutzhund titles. Three levels IPO I minimum age 14 months. IPO 2 minimum age 16 months. IPO 3 minimum age 20 months.

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